Naomi Saelens Life Coaching

What is it you want
in your life?

Joy, purpose, confidence, courage.

Don’t wait for it, create it.

Allow life to unfold at its most beautiful.

Welcome, I’m Naomi, a life coach to help you uncover more of your own unique potential, find clarity and purpose, and create a life you love.

Joyful, fulfilled, confident and courageous.

I believe that happiness comes from the inside out.

When we slow down life and become more intentional. When we know & accept who we are and what we want to create. When we break free from self-imposed boundaries and live a life of freedom.

Life is a beautiful adventure. Perfect imperfection.

More about Naomi

“Since we have started working together, I believe in my dream and have taken significant steps towards making it true.“

“ My sessions with her undoubtedly helped me get over the burnout ‘wall’, and not only get myself back on track but become more aware of how to work more sustainably and healthily.”

“She creates a vital space for me to talk through issues that are holding me back from being more successful – and more importantly, happy.”

“I would recommend Naomi to all my friends and colleagues who are looking to find more holistic balance and happiness in their lives.”

.I would recommend Naomi to anyone struggling with anxiety. As well anyone who is questioning their situation, taking on a challenge, or knows the goals they want to achieve but doesn’t have the ability or mindset to reach them.”

“I have experienced the sessions as very valuable as they help me get a better vision of the path that I am discovering. Naomi is a great listener and asks challenging questions. I can definitely recommend Naomi as a professional coach.”

What it is that needs to change?
  • Something doesn’t feel right, you’ve been stuck for a while. Low on energy, drive, and purpose.
  • You’ve lost your own voice. Drowned out by all that you feel and all that you see around you. Somehow you’ve lost yourself along the way.
  • You’re overwhelmed. Too many things to do. Too little time. You lack focus.
  • You know that you’re the one holding yourself back from achieving the life you want. Fear, lack of confidence, not knowing what you truly desire.
  • You’re pretty happy, life is ok but you’ve been sitting on that secret dream and been trying to hold it in. It’s not possible. Or is it?

It’s time. It’s time to consider possibility. It’s time to take action.

It’s time to break through the boundaries you have set for yourself. To embark on new adventures and live your life fully.

Joy. Purpose. Confidence. Courage

They can all be yours.

Not in a striving kind of way. Not something that is picture perfect.

But something that is alive and kicking, authentic and heartfelt.

What are you waiting for?
Naomi Saelens Master your fate
Naomi Saelens Passion
Naomi Saelens Fear and Fearless
Naomi Saelens Coaching journey
Naomi Saelens be who you are
Coaching can help you

Naomi Saelens Find clarity and purpose

Find clarity and purpose

Naomi Saelens achive your dreams & goals

Achieve your
dreams & goals

Naomi Saelens Navigate life changes

Navigate life changes

Naomi Saelens develop confidence

Develop confidence, courage and self-acceptance

Naomi Saelens Find balance and happiness

Find more balance & happiness

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