Naomi Saelens Coaching

Coaching is about creating a space for us to connect in a meaningful way, and talk about you.
Your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations, the life you want, the impact you want to have.

A space to uncover more of who you truly are & look into what it is that you desire. To look into possibility. To see what can be done. To uncover what is holding you back. And to live the life you want, defining success and happiness on your own terms. So you can be all you want, for yourself and for others, and have your biggest impact.

Coaching can help you

Naomi Saelens Find clarity and purpose

Find clarity and purpose

Naomi Saelens achive your dreams & goals

Achieve your dreams & goals

Naomi Saelens Navigate life changes

Navigate life changes

Naomi Saelens develop confidence

Develop more confidence, courage and self-acceptance

Naomi Saelens Find balance and happiness

Find more balance & happiness

The process

Coaching is a powerful partnership that is focused on becoming more intentional about how you want to live your life and what you want to create. As your coach, I will help guide you through an exciting journey of personal discovery, growth, and learning.

The coaching process helps you to see where you currently are in your life, and where you want to be. Essentially, it helps you to create the change you want in life.

We will work together to uncover more of your thoughts, desires, behaviour and emotions. This insight is the most important step to change, because you can’t change what you don’t see.

Coaching will help you to tap into your own inner wisdom, see another perspective, ignite your internal engine to drive change and help you to draw up a plan of action to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We will work together to overcome challenges and get you out of your comfort zone and into the land of possibility and dreams, where all the magic happens!

Naomi Saelens Coaching path

The benefits
  • Focused reflection time for yourself
  • Increased self-awareness, clarity, and insight
  • Stronger sense of purpose
  • Increased confidence, courage & self-acceptance
  • Develop a plan combining strategies and tools to achieve your dreams
  • The mindset, motivation and inspiration necessary for change
  • Help in overcoming the obstacles that may be in your way
  • Support in dealing with the fear that can accompany you as you’re stepping into new territory
  • Increased happiness and fulfilment
  • Support and encouragement while navigating life changes

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching

Naomi Saelens path of life coaching

My Approach

Grounded, deeply personal, and intuitive. A curious, intent listener. Compassionate yet confronting when I know it serves you. Organised and strategic, helping you to figure out what next steps to take. And always with a smile and a sense of humour.

There are no standard processes, the conversation goes where it needs to go. Where useful, I will use various tools, including a medley of meditation & mindfulness techniques, visualisation, journaling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, etc.

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching

The practicalities
  • A tailored coaching programme can be put together for you, ranging from single topic sessions to longer-term coaching packages. I prefer to work with clients for a minimum of 3 months as this allows you to reach the most results and ensure long-term change.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes.
  • You have ongoing e-mail access to me in between sessions.
  • You will get homework inquiries and other materials to ensure continuity in between sessions.
  • Sessions can be done online or face-to-face in Amsterdam. I offer sessions in both English and Dutch.

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching approach

Benefits online coaching
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling
  • Time & money savings as you don’t need to travel
  • Ability to do a session from anywhere in the world
  • More relaxed mindset as you are in the comfort of your own home or chosen location

Interested to see what coaching could do for you? Inspired & ready to start? Send me an email: and book your free discovery session.