“Being at a turning point in my career – and feeling stuck about what the next step should be and what I really want- I asked for Naomi’s support and I am glad I did. Naomi was able to help me clarify my goals and work towards them. She worked with me on my vision and breaking it into clear steps and challenging me to dare to take these steps. Since we have started working together, I believe in my dream and have taken significant steps towards making it true. Naomi is a great listener, her coaching style is confronting but gentle, compassionate and authentic. She is an inspiration to me as she has taken a leap of faith and she is living her dream. I would recommend Naomi to anybody who wants to make their dream a reality and follow their life purpose.”

– Hennia Cheour, Merchandise Planner & Health Coach

“I have completely regained the confidence I had lost. I have begun to remove the false ideas of what I thought people expected of me and have realized that the majority of the time the pressure I put on myself is internal and not real. On a day to day basis I am able to be myself and feel more confident and creative in the aspects of my work that I want or need to be. I would recommend Naomi to anyone who is struggling with anxiety in work or daily life. As well as to anyone who is questioning their situation or taking on a new challenge and is unsure of what their goals are, or anyone who knows the goals they want to achieve but doesn’t have the ability or mindset to reach them.

Through the coaching sessions, I was able to get myself out of a negative situation quite quickly because I was able, to be honest with Naomi and myself and do everything I could to make the change I wanted to make. Even now that I do feel more confident and relaxed, I can see the benefit in continuing regular coaching sessions with Naomi as it is easy to lose focus. “

– Steve Tierney, Art Director

“I’ve been working with Naomi for a little while now, and I’m super happy with it! Naomi is very empathetic, involved and understanding, which makes you feel you can tell her anything. On the other side, she’s also really good at digging deeper, understanding what the story is behind the story, and reflecting back. A great combination for a very nice partnership! Naomi makes you think, offers insight, holds up a mirror for you, and provides homework assignments that take you a step further each and every time. The sessions are done on Skype/Facetime, which works surprisingly well. It’s easier to schedule time (no travel time), is more relaxed as you’re in the comfort of your own home and might even be more honest as you’re in the safety of your own space.”

– Sacha

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching testimonials

“I began talking regularly over Skype with Naomi when I suddenly hit a burnout wall at work, and also faced personal issues with my family. After having hired her as a consultant for my work previously, I knew I already got along with her and she understood my work context very well. My sessions with her undoubtedly helped me get over the ‘wall’, and not only get myself back on track but become more aware of how to work more sustainably and healthily. I greatly appreciate that she understands that the line between professional and personal life is blurry and connected and that she creates a vital space for me to talk through issues that are holding me back from being more successful – and more importantly, happy. She has offered me useful tools that I know I would recommend to others plus the language and skills to help me better comprehend and articulate my deeper feelings, fears, and dreams in an enlightening and constructive way. Our skype calls were always easy and relaxed and I appreciate that technology allows us to have a strong virtual relationship when we are still miles away from each other. I would recommend Naomi to all my friends and colleagues who are looking to find more holistic balance and happiness in their lives. ”

– D.

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching testimonials

“Through coaching, I am constantly discovering how to make the best choices when taking decisions. I see a new dimension of who I am and who I want to be. I learn each day with the coaching and what I like the most, is that I feel plenty of energy after each session. I’m improving each day as a person, and I cope with difficulties in a better way.

Naomi is a guide in this path, and thanks to her guidance I could find new opportunities where I was seeing only disappointment or failure. Success starts from the inside out, and I better understood this with the coaching. Through Naomi’s coaching, I learned more about myself and the situations I’m living in constantly. I’m also including new values in my life thanks to our work together.

An interesting point about the coaching is that we use new technologies and can connect when agreed without inconvenience. I was surprised to see how the coaching was still so rich and pleasant despite the screen. I really enjoy the coaching and thank her for her valuable guidance.”

– Diana

“I was fortunate to have some life coaching sessions with Naomi and I found her immensely helpful. I would highly recommend her! Naomi is a wonderful listener and I felt an instant connection, she seemed to “get me” and took the time to really understand me.

I was at a career crossroads and was feeling very unclear about my path. Naomi is very intuitive and empathetic, and she helped me to get a much clearer picture of where I was, what my key skills are, and aided me in identifying new areas and opportunities for my career growth.

Naomi was very encouraging and was able to challenge me at times where I was prone to “I should/I must” thinking. Naomi encouraged me to keep the focus on finding what I enjoyed doing, and also what I needed in terms of my work environment. She was able to help me achieve greater clarity and I felt very encouraged and understood during our sessions. Thank you, Naomi!”

– Claire

“I am in the process of changing my career path and Naomi has been a great help in the past months. We have discussed several topics including interests, values, motivation and, of course, finding the right direction for my future career. I have experienced the sessions with Naomi as very valuable as they help me getting a better vision of the path that I am discovering. Naomi is a great listener and asks challenging questions. I can definitely recommend Naomi as a professional coach.”

– Martijn

Naomi Saelens Life Coaching testimonials

Naomi is fabulous at helping you to uncover what’s really going on inside and helping you to understand your own limiting beliefs and roadblocks you’re placing in your own way. She’s a kind and positive coach with a very open mind and was able to help me push through multiple challenges in my life in just a few sessions. Thank you Naomi!

– Paige

I would recommend Naomi to anyone who feels like they are drowning in a lack of confidence, missing out on life and don’t (yet) know how to stop the cycle of self-sabotage. Since the coaching, I am so much more aware of where my insecurities come from. I can see it for what it is and move past it so much quicker than I ever could before. The result is that I’m putting myself out there so much more personally and professionally.

 – Kirsten

My fear of failure has dissolved in a tremendous way. I’ve never been so confident about my qualities and personality as I am right now. I allow myself to play with life and see struggle as an opportunity to grow. Naomi is incredibly warm and open, yet honest and authentic. Non-judging, empathic, passionate and driven. I would recommend Naomi to everyone I know, friends or family, spiritual or not. Young and old.  I belief we’re all here with the same mission: to grow as a person. Although we learn from our environment and encounters each day, I think Naomi has the magic toolbox to bring out those qualities in you that even your best friend hasn’t noticed.


Naomi is a very patient, resourceful, insightful, intuitive, delightful person with a big heart and joyful attitude. Working with her and on her guidance has been seemingly effortless, even though all the tasks or taking a deep dive into yourself aren’t always as easy as could imagine.

I can genuinely recommend Naomi to anyone who is looking to develop themselves. As most of the times stepping out of automation to a more conscious and better life, help and guidance are needed. Naomi is a great coach and mentor.


I would describe Naomi as infinite patience. I was always critical about the concept of life coaches. 18 months ago I hit bottom which lead me on the start of a quest to right myself, my discovery of yoga lead me to Naomi and at that point I was desperate to make changes but I didn’t know how. Naomi was so patient, her ability to listen, empathise and subtly guide me was amazing. It wasn’t until after our last session I realised just how much of an impact they had had on me. Naomi helped me to finally see what was there all along, it just took the right prompting from her to help me see it. I believe if it had been preached to me it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective, Naomi’s technique meant I came to my own conclusions after her having made me reflect.


My first session with Naomi did not go as I imagined!! She saw straight through what I was saying I wanted support with to the truth of what I really needed. This has been my experience with her each time. Naomi creates a space where it is safe and it is encouraged to speak from the heart. I have felt heard and seen and have grown the courage to be vulnerable so that we can really get into the gritty details. Naomi doesn’t and try and tell you things, instead she gives strategies for working it out for yourself. Initially some of these activities felt uncomfortable and I doubted they were going to work for me but I have been surprised to realise that it was precisely what I needed. Naomi has always responded with compassion as revelations and newly realised self truths have come to light. Naomi didn’t offer easy answers that would have made me feel humiliated for not seeing my own way through. She respected the gravity of my personal reality and allowed me to experience the emotions but also helped shine the light to find my way through. Naomi’s insight and intuition are invaluable and I would (and have!!) recommend her to anyone who wants to grow and take leaps!