So here we are…

By December 24, 2014 January 6th, 2015 Blog
December 24, 2014 Blog

Gosh, so what do you write about on your very first blog post? Great, writer’s block on your very first page. Seriously?

Glass of wine, candle lit. Here we go. Tunes on the background.

I feel like I could stare at this screen endlessly, but the fact is that this very first blog post is not going to get written unless my words start filling this page.

The truth is I’m a little scared. A little bit big scared more like. And excited. And jump for joy happy that I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do. And scared, did I mention that?

Somehow it feels rather audacious to take up this room in the online universe, but I’ve really wanted to create a personal space to share my thoughts and experiences, my own little part of this world, with you as I start a big new adventure.

I’m on a crash course adventure of putting yourself out there, learning to be more vulnerable, connecting with likeminded souls, following my dream and passion to grow as a life coach, and moving to Bali.

The truth is that I’m really excited to be doing all of this, that I have the time and space to dream my dreams, and who knows, to even enact them. Little pixie dust in hand, equal measures fear and courage most of the time, and unrelenting curiosity to see where life can take me.

This blog is very much part of that journey. It’s part of how I would like to connect to the world: my thoughts and inspirations, the things I love, the beauty I see.

I believe we can only be truly be happy if we allow ourselves to unfold, to accept who we are, with all our colours, and show up to meet the world.

So here we are. This is my space where I hope to further develop my voice, tell you about my life, connect with you, in a real and soulful way, as I embark on this journey.

I seek meaning and connection, I seek authenticity and courage, I am here.

Hello world.

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