How to open up to the adventure of life

By October 19, 2016 Blog
On what sets people who say yes to life apart, and what we can learn from them.
October 19, 2016 Blog

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had some inspiring encounters with a different kind. The YES people, consisting of T, one of B’s good friends, and our new neighbours (and Jim Carey in YES man, although I don’t like to admit to it. But that’s another subject…ha!). They’re life-affirming, inspiring enthusiasts of this thing called Life, I really can’t put it any other way.

Now I think I’ve got ample energy supplies for life, and am a pretty positive and perky person myself, most days. But these guys have such an open, enthusiastic and energetic feel about them, it’s really quite inspiring. They go on adventures, big and small, only to return to come and tell us about all the wonderful things they have seen and experienced. Half of those things I’ve already seen and I just don’t notice them anymore, the other half are things that I’ve never even heard of. And with a little hint of jealousy mixed in with big notes of admiration, I must admit that these lovely people have seen and experienced more in the few weeks that they’ve been here so far than I have in the last 1.5 year. So what is it that I can learn from them?

What makes these people different? How do these people say a big resounding YES to life and have joie de vivre engrained in their souls?

  • They literally say YES to all kinds of new experiences. Want to go to that restaurant? Yes. Want to go climb that volcano? Yes. Want to visit that temple? Yes. Want to try this food? Yes. Their focus is on the experience itself and not on the outcome. They will try most, if not everything, at least once. And by doing so, they open themselves up to life and all its possibilities.
  • They view every new person they meet with curiosity and interest, asking lots of questions and finding out more about their life. They show interest, real interest, and they listen. Their underlying assumption is that most people have a beautiful story to share, and they are eager to hear it.
  • They accept challenges and focus on solutions rather than on the problem. They approach life with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to learn. The question changes from what is the problem to how can I approach this challenge? How do I need to prepare and what can I learn on the way? It reminds me of one of Marie Forleo’s key mantra’s “Everything is figureoutable”, if we set our minds to it, we can do anything we want. Watch her Supersoul Session with Oprah for some beautiful (and funny!) inspiration.
  • They are present, accept what is there in the moment, and find joy in whatever there is rather than getting stuck in expectations. Rather than focusing on what should be, they focus on what is, allowing them to enjoy the present moment and deal with whatever it is that needs to be dealt with.
  • They trust. They trust themselves to be able to handle whatever comes up in life, they trust that they can learn whatever they need to learn, they trust that life is good and that things will be ok whatever it is. This trust allows them to forego the need for certainty and control for openness, adventure, and growth. And most importantly, possibility.

Does this mean you should just say YES to everything that comes by? No, but maybe say yes a little more often. Next time when you’re just about to decline an invitation to a party of someone you don’t know or order your favourite item on the restaurant menu again – try something new. Because who knows what you’ll find out? And who knows where your life might take you?

Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we’re not sure what we’ll get out of something, we just don’t feel like it, or we don’t know it. Underneath all of this is really a fear of the unknown. We stick to what we know. Better safe than sorry. We focus our attention on what we may lose.

But if we keep on doing the same things over and over again, we’ll never know anything different. And what might we be missing out on?

So focus on the good my lovely. Focus on what could be possible. Say yes to life. Say yes to adventure. Say yes to discomfort. Say yes to breaking through your comfort zone. And trust that all will work out.

And who knows just what you will find….

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right.

I hope you’re doing beautifully wherever you are on this planet. And maybe, just maybe, try something new this week. Send me a little note with your new adventures, big or small, I’d love to hear from you.

With love,

Xx Naomi




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