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By January 23, 2015 June 29th, 2015 Blog
January 23, 2015 Blog

So for you to get to know yours truly a little better, here are some things not a lot of people know about me:

  1. I can be really insecure, and writing a blog and putting myself out there is really scary. But here we are.
  2. I secretly always want to remain a kid and I am addicted to hugs. Beware.
  3. I hate the fact that as I grow older I have become more fearful. I also know that the only way of overcoming fear is doing things anyway – with care, compassion and love. This has resulted in an epic bungee jump in South Africa (never to be repeated again), a snowboarding induced blacker than black backside (trust me, this really isn’t an exaggeration) and more recently starting my own blog, setting up as a coach and deciding to move to Bali.
  4. I wish I had a brother or sister, or both. Being mixed race, and the only one on either side of the family, has always felt a little lonely and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling and what they would look like.
  5. I am incredibly funny on skype chat. Seriously. Ask my friend T.
  6. I secretly wish I was a ninja and somehow feel that the fact that I’m half Japanese HAS to mean that I will have a natural talent for martial arts. Of course I haven’t quite put this to the test. Ignorance truly is bliss sometimes.
  7. I love self-help books. I’m a self-help book addict and I’m proud of it. You will probably find a book on any personal challenge that you may be facing on my shelves. Highlighted.
  8. I have suffered from depression since I was an early teenager and for many years have been really ashamed of that. That luckily is no longer the case. It has fuelled my desire to figure out how to live a meaningful and connected life, my interest in people and now my desire to be a coach, helping myself and others finding their own true voices and lives.
  9. I absolutely cannot watch horror movies. I repeat: cannot.
  10. I pray sometimes. Secretly, quietly. And not sure yet to whom.
  11. Beautiful music makes me cry. In fact, many things make me cry, absolute astonishing beauty or horrible darkness. I also go by the name of soppy cow.
  12. I may or may not be a highly sensitive person. Undecided.
  13. I suck majorly at proverbs.
  14. I am an extrovert hermit introvert. Yes, it’s possible.
  15. I have two middle names Frederika, after my dad, something I’ve always thought was a little self-indulgent on his part, and Tae, after my Japanese grandmother. Names I’m proud to have.
  16. I wanted to be a ballerina/fighterpilot (Topgun induced)/CNN journalist when I was younger. I also want to be an amazing chef, award-winning photographer, and mystic yogi when I grow older. Dreams are there to be had.
  17. I truly believe I am in one of the happiest relationships on this planet ever. I pinch myself on a nearly daily basis.
  18. My brain is addicted to thinking. It won’t stop. I try to medicate this by trying to learn how to meditate, yoga and being active.
  19. I am really happy and fortunate I have time to do this: Create, write, think.
  20. I am finally becoming more of me and letting go of who I think I need to be for others. It’s been quite the journey. But again, here we are.



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  • Bregje says:

    Have I told you lately that I’m so proud of you and truly love you? Here’s a hug. Can’t wait to give you a real one.

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