Live life on your own terms and be true to yourself

By April 17, 2019 Blog
Live life on your own terms and be true to yourself
April 17, 2019 Blog

I’m amazed at the ease with which we throw out words into the world sometimes. Live your best life! Just be yourself!

Hey, I’m guilty of this too sometimes. It’s so easy to want to squeeze life lessons into some catchy words so you can meet the character count of FB, Instagram or Twitter. 

Catchphrases that can inspire momentarily but really we underestimate their significance by trying to capture them into brief, and sometimes, hollow statements. 

Because it’s not always that easy – and any effort to make it sound easier than it is can leave you wondering why you just can’t get it right. There must be something wrong with me no? Otherwise, I’d “just do it”, right?

No, and let’s just be clear: there isn’t anything wrong with you. There’s nothing that needs to be fixed or sorted out. It just means you are human. 

It ain’t always that easy people. 

We can have the best intentions, the greatest motivation, the right mindset AND there will likely be bumps in the road. Because life and change by nature can be challenging – and that’s ok. 

Live life on your own terms! This sounds great, AND the reality is in practice it can be hard. So what does it truly mean?

To live life on your terms requires you to truly know who you are, and to set up your life according to your priorities. It requires you to show up courageously because sometimes you have to go against the status quo. 

As creatures of comfort, it’s a place many of us don’t particularly enjoy. There’s safety in numbers – and hey, what if it turns out that I got it all wrong? 

To live life on your own terms means to live and be driven from a place of (self)love rather than fear. Sometimes you will have to make difficult choices and take courageous steps aligned with who you wish to be – even when others may not understand. 

The thing that gets in the way most is fear in its various forms: 

What will people think of me? Am I good enough? What if I fail?

But what you really need to ask yourself is this: 

Do I live my life according to what I believe others want for me or do I live on my terms? Do I define success in societal norms or do I define success in my own authentic way? 

I think you know my answer and I know this isn’t always easy. It can get lonely and you might question yourself. But true empowerment comes from living from the inside out. When you experience doubt, it is then that you must show up for yourself with the most loving, courageous, and warm heart. 

The heart that says: be true to me. 

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