Mid-year Check In

By July 21, 2017 Blog
Mid-year check-in
July 21, 2017 Blog

Summer is officially in full-swing here in Europe. The streets of Amsterdam are packed with tourists, the canals are simply stunning and generally the pace of life here has just dropped a few notches.

I realized this was actually the perfect time of year to review the past 6 months and look ahead. Why not make use of the summer months to reconnect to yourself and see how you’re doing?

Here are some of the questions that were helpful to me. Give them a go one afternoon or evening, and see what comes out. You can also use some of the questions as journal prompts and simply write. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, just simply write and get out what needs to get out.

Mid-year Check-In:

  1. How am I doing? (Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) Be gentle with yourself and feel free to use the Wheel of life tool that some of you may have used before. If you haven’t, please do – it’s a great tool to quickly scan the various areas in your life and assess how you’re doing.
  2. Go through each month and note the most memorable moments.
  3. What went well? What went really well?
  4. What didn’t go so well? What can you learn from it?
  5. What has surprised you during the first 6 months of the year?
  6. Are my priorities still the same as at the start of the year? If not, what has changed? What needs more of my attention in the coming months? And what is just not important anymore?
  7. What do you want for the second half of the year? What will you recommit to? What will you let go off?
  8. How do I want to feel by the end of the year?

Give yourself this gift of dedicated time and focus for just you. It really pays off to slow down life for a bit and see how you’re doing. When we can reconnect to ourselves, and become clear on what our priorities are (and why!), it’s like we put a full tank of motivation and energy fuel into the engine again.

Restoration and reflection are crucial to our ability to move forward and achieve our dreams and aspirations. And don’t be afraid to change your priorities and adjust in whatever way is necessary. Your personal success ultimately is dependent on continuously checking in with yourself and following your own path to happiness.

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