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By October 23, 2015 Blog
Nae's Inspirational Reads and other gems
October 23, 2015 Blog

Hello my lovelies,

I read. A lot. Seriously, you could easily put me on a deserted island with a pile of books and I’d be perfectly happy for a long time. Add in the occasional hug and a couple of notebooks for my brainfarts, and I’m never leaving the place. Oh and chocolate, definitely need sustenance in the chocoholic form.

And I like to share. A lot. Because why would I keep all the little nuggets of wisdom on- and offline from you? Caring is sharing folks, and I thought you might also be interested in some of the things I discover during my ongoing search for enlightening and inspiring info.

So I’m happy to present to you something new! Tatatataaaaaa, drumroll please.

Nae’s Favourites: a short overview of interesting articles, books, videos or whatever medium I find that I think might spark a bit of inspiration in you as well. Oh and funny stuff might find it’s way on toobecause at the end of the day we all know that laughter feeds the soul more than anything in this world (even more than chocolate). 

Aristotle, that dear old chap from Ancient Greece, had it pretty much figured out. Insight is the Beginning of All Wisdom, he said, and he definitely got it right. Reading is one of the wonderful ways that we open up our perspectives and can see the world from a different place and gain insight into our own world view. And insight is the first step to change. When we become more aware of ourselves, our thoughts and behaviour, and our overall approach to life, we also gain invaluable insight into how we might change some of this when it no longer serves us or if we feel we are not entirely happy with how parts of our life are now. And that my friends opens up the door to transformation and a better and improved experience of this thing we call life!

Gaining insight and increasing wisdom on life, health and happiness are also key to the 30-Day Happiness Challenge programme that I’m currently offering as a super special deal. Don’t forget this offer is valid till the end of this month and the first spots have already been taken. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! More information can be found in my last blog post “Ready to take on your dreams? Join the 30-Day Happiness Challenge!” 

So without further ado, a round-up of some lovely inspiring articles for your weekend reading:

  • Very high on Nae’s wish list of courses to do, an all new course from Susannah Conway called the Inside Story for online entrepreneurs and creating a heart-centred business. I’ve taken other courses with her and have loved it.
  • Great little read on not taking things so personally, and the power of just being you!
  • If you don’t have time to read a huge number of self-help books, get 104 amazing ideas to launch the awesome-r you
  • Read this article from The Freedom Experiment when you’re having a shitty day as a solopreneur, definite pick-me-up!
  • What to do if your morning routine isn’t working

Anything that you think I’d love to read, pass it on. Anything that you would love to read more about, give me a shout!

Have a lovely weekend everyone – with love & inspiration,


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