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By July 22, 2015 Blog
July 22, 2015 Blog


Get Shit Done.

Welcome to the Grind.

The last weeks have been ones filled with hustle and getting shit done. All driven by my Coaching Challenge: getting 50 sessions booked on the calendar before the end of the month! I’ve almost gone as far as putting on this motivational Nike video Rise and Shine while shouting out “This is Sparta!”

Trust me, this was nearly done. It wasn’t pretty. Amusing? Yes.

The hustle, the busting my ass off, the grind, whatever you want to call it, is however done with love and ease. Not ease because I always find it easy what I do. But ease that is driven by the big P-word: Passion. And ultimately that is what will drive any of us to do our best work. Before you even get to in any type of big action planning and goal setting, consider what it is that will drive you to live and work with passion? What is it that lights you up on the inside? What is it that makes you forget all time? What is it that will make you put in a shitload of extra hours of hustle because you want to do the best job or live the best life possible? And most importantly, WHY? This is what will allow you to dig deep when you need to & conquer the obstacles that you face.

Darren Hardy in his book the Entrepreneur Rollercoaster – recommended for the entrepreneurs among us – says passion is not something we search for and then mysteriously find one day. It’s not a mythical unicorn but it’s all already in us, we just need to find the light switch to turn it on by thinking about:

  • Being Passionate about What you do
  • Being Passionate about Why you do it
  • Being Passionate about How you do it
  • Being Passionate about Who you do it for

Over the years I’ve been very lucky to work with some very passionate and driven people and more recently, I met Tim Cameron, founder of Stella’s Child, a non-profit organisation where I’m volunteering a little of my time. Stella’s Child is an organisation that runs an Entrepreneurship program at an orphanage in Bali and provides an exciting opportunity for children to learn life skills and training to be more competitive in the job market or enable them to start their own business. These are opportunities that kids with their backgrounds don’t often get and I don’t think I have to explain how great this cause is. If you want to see passion in action – that is exactly what this is. I have seldom met anyone who radiates with such immense pride when he talks about ‘his’ kids in the program and what they are achieving. And I’ve got to say, these are some pretty amazing kids that are so grateful for the opportunity they are getting.

If you’d like to learn more about Stella’s Child, please visit their website or consider contributing to their newly released crowdfunding campaign.

With all of your help, I’ve scheduled more than half of the 50 sessions I need to get booked by the end of this month. Thank you so much! But of course, I’d love to hit that target!

So for any of you still wondering whether you should take the step, just do it! All first sessions are for free, no strings attached. If you’d consider making a donation to Stella’s Child as a thank you for the session that would, of course, rock my world!

This is my passion. What’s yours?

Rise and Shine, you’ve got this. Oh f*ck it, put on the video. Let’s go warrior style!

Feel free to get in touch at anytime about scheduling a session at or post any questions or comments below. Would love to hear from you!

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